2022 University of Washington Faculty Recital featuring works by Huck Hodge, Aida Shirazi, Enno Poppe, Shawn Okpehbolo, Kari Besharse, and Chaya Czernowin.
2020 Dal Niente performance including works by Igor Santos, Nur Slim, Tania León, Tomás Gueglio, Luis Amaya, and Hilda Paredes.
Quince Ensemble performing ‘The Wood and the Vine’ from “love fail” by David Lang.
Ariane et Bachus: Plus cruel que le minotaure from the album ‘Beloved & Betrayed: Montéclair’s Miniature Dramas for Flute & Voice.’
Jocelyn Hagen + Penelope Freeh – “Slippery Fish”

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